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Welcome to The Chicago Lifestyle

Welcome to The Chicago Lifestyle

Our beloved city – grown famous from the 1893 World’s Fair to prohibition-era gangsters to today’s identity as a booming cultural mecca – provides endless hours of excitement yet to be experienced. We power through the snow to the epic days of summer when all bets are off. Despite our inclinations to hibernate through the long winter months, we remain tempted by sights unseen and the promise of new urban adventures.

The Chicago Lifestyle is dedicated to the curious, the local wanderers looking for something outside the ordinary, and the out-of-town guests seeking a non-touristy experience. This is your inside source to the fun, unique and novel things to do in the second city.

Articles will feature “Neighborhood Guides” for those looking to venture beyond their typical boundaries, “Best Bets” for activities in the month ahead, and reviews of events, locations, services and other things to do around the city. Articles may include a peppering of my musings and meanderings in our great locale.

Welcome to the site! Please share your feedback and leave comments – more inspiration and ideas are always welcome!