Dating in Chicago: Relationship Expert Anita Chlipala Shows You How to Find Love in 2015

Dating in Chicago: Relationship Expert Anita Chlipala Shows You How to Find Love in 2015


In honor of Valentine’s Day, The Chicago Lifestyle is introducing you to one of Chicago’s coolest ladies – Dating and Relationship Expert Anita Chlipala. Conveniently located downtown on 70 E. Lake St, Anita’s business – Relationship Reality 312 – has helped countless Chicagoans find and keep love.


Are you single and trying to find the right people to date? Have you lost hope in Chicago’s dating scene? Or, are you in a relationship but could use some professional guidance? Anita will give you hope – and the tools for success – in an approachable, down-to-earth way. “Just as you would get professional help or training for your job, it makes sense to get help while pursuing one of the greatest parts of your life – your relationship,” explains Anita. While some people may be scared of scheduling an appointment to ask for help, the process doesn’t have to be scary – Anita says many of the sessions involve fun and laughter.


Anita, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, runs a research-based practice. Meaning, any advice or guidance she gives is backed up by what’s worked through years of research in the field. Understanding that no two individuals or couples are exactly alike, she’ll start with a phone consultation to determine whether they are a good fit for her coaching. Once in person, Anita helps an individual or couple identify their goals, and she may recommend several sessions to dig further to achieve the goals set out.


What kinds of challenges and goals do her clients bring in? For singles, it’s developing the mental preparation to find the right mate – understanding who they should be looking for, how to find them, and how to make it stick. For couples, challenges often include not feeling connected or committed. Through the process, clients will understand what’s blocking them from getting what they want, and how to change their approach.


Anita sets the record straight – “Many people think finding relationships and keeping them strong is easy. You can’t expect a perfect relationship, and you have to work hard at it. I’m here to help set expectations and shift your attitude and thoughts on dating.”


What’s the scoop on dating in Chicago? Anita offers great advice – “Don’t wait for summer. Be proactive – have a mindset to put yourself out there and go get it. Be an active participant rather than waiting for someone to approach you. Take advantage of networking and meetup events, charity events, and parties.”


Coaching and therapy aren’t all she offers – Anita is an advice columnist (for Patti Stanger of The Millionaire Matchmaker!) and she hosts workshops, events, and Girls’ Nights In. You’re already talking about men with your friends – why not get some real advice in the process? Gather at least three of your friends and contact Anita to host your next Girls’ Night In – bring the wine and cheese, and bring your questions. You’ll have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire ahead of time to get the most tailored advice.


Now you know about one of Chicago’s great resources – in the Valentine’s spirit, contact Anita to make your dating life stellar in 2015!


{Image courtesy of Relationship Reality 312}