Fire Up Your Country Nights with Jack Fire

Fire Up Your Country Nights with Jack Fire


You know those nights…where things are going to get a bit rowdy…you have all your friends in tow and you’re bringing the party with you. The nights when you want some all-American fun and dancing, you head to the country bars. But first, you set the tone with a few pre-party drinks. Your go-to? The new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, now available in Chicago stores. Take the classic quality of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, kick it up with a spicy cinnamon flavor, and you have a recipe for a night of friendly fun. Grab a glass for each of your friends, pour Jack Fire straight or with a splash of soda water or Diet Coke, and raise your glasses in a round of “Cheers!”


Where to go once you’ve enjoyed your Jack Fire? Chicago brings in a little taste of the south in bars such as Bub City and Old Crow Smokehouse. Don’t forget to wear your cowboy boots – you’re in for a good time!


Bub City (435 N. Clark St.)

Located in the heart of River North, Bub City brings together barbecue and live music in a fun, country-themed space. Stop in for a good southern meal, linger over the drinks, and stay for the party. A stage up front hosts live music Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, with live band karaoke on Tuesday. If you come on an alternate night with a large enough group, you may even get to sit at a table on the stage! Get ready to show off your country style and make new friends over drinks.


Old Crow Smokehouse (3506 N. Clark St.)

Perfecting the barbecue and live music formula, Old Crow Smokehouse is separated into two large sections, housed in Wrigleyville. While both sides hold a large bar, one side is dedicated to sit-down dining while the other offers a large dance floor next to a stage that can fit a good-sized band. Get ready to dance the night away as the tunes kick up. Old Crow Smokehouse features live band karaoke on Thursday nights – make the stage your own!


Keep the night fueled as you make Jack Fire your order at the bar.


When the party calls for staying in, make the night yours with the season’s best Jack Fire cocktail recipes.


Spicy Hot Toddy

1 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

1 teaspoon Honey

1 squeeze of Lemon Juice

Hot Tea


Pour ingredients into a mug. Stir to combine ingredients.



Tennessee Chai

1.5 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

7 oz. chai tea mix

8 oz. milk


Heat milk & chai mix in a coffee mug, then add Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire and stir to combine ingredients.



Cran-Apple Fire

1 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

3 oz. Apple Juice

2 oz. Cranberry Juice


Pour ingredients in a tall glass and stir to combine.



Learn more about Jack Fire and where to buy it here.



{Jack Fire sample and recipes provided gratis to The Chicago Lifestyle. All other content, images and opinions are from The Chicago Lifestyle.}


  • Hollie

    So curious how this compares to Fireball – any noticeable difference? Is it a stronger taste?

    • Lauren | The Chicago Lifestyle

      Hi Hollie! The taste is comparable to Fireball. You should try it!