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Divvy in the Busy City

Divvy in the Busy City


Is your favorite food joint too far to walk to on your lunch break?  Don’t like the CTA? Do you love cruising in the open air with wind breezing through your hair? Then you may consider wanting to hop onto one of those blue Divvy bikes you keep seeing in the city.


Divvy is a bicycle sharing system that started in Chicago in June of 2013. Since its inception it has grown from just 750 bicycles to now over 3,000. This week we even received news that the Divvy program is expanding with 175 new stations and 1750 new bikes opening soon (now delayed until the spring, according to Chicago Tribune). New stations are planned for further reaching areas such as: the 5th ward, the 33rd ward, the 45th ward, the 47th ward, and Rogers Park and West Ridge, says the Active Transportation Alliance.


These pretty Chicago colored bikes can fit nearly any shape and size. They also have 3 different speeds, front and rear flashing LED lights, and a bell.


We highly recommend these bikes for any Chicagoan that is on their feet daily in the city.  For just $75 a year you can get a membership, which is well worth it in the long run (especially if you are a frequent Taxi goer).  After 30 minutes of riding a Divvy you will start getting charged a small incremental fee, so if you are just looking to rent a bike for a day you can pay $7 to get around.


With Divvy, you can unlock a lot of locations in Chicago you previous couldn’t easily go visit and see.  For instance, if you work in the city and let’s say you work 250 days a year, then renting a Divvy bike can cut down a 30 minute walking commute to just 15 minutes twice per day. That’s 125 hours you are saving throughout the working year. Now is the time to explore locations you’ve never been to before such as a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try a neighborhood or two away. Of course, you’ll have the benefit of exercise as well.  The price of $75 a year now sounds a whole lot more worth it, right? Just remember to bring your own helmet, stay safe around the cars, and Divvy it up!


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Win 4 Tickets to Sky Zone Trampoline Park!

Win 4 Tickets to Sky Zone Trampoline Park!


Jump around! Jump around! Jump around! Jump up! Jump up and get down!


At Sky Zone (325 W. Lake St, Elmhurst, IL) jumping around comes easy… the reason being? It’s an indoor trampoline park! Most people are used to that single circular trampoline in the backyard, but try imagining about a hundred more of those put together with a slam-dunk hoop and a 10,000 foam cube pit. It’s hard to imagine but at Sky Zone it’s a reality worth seeing and jumping for.


Sky Zone is the perfect place to be for people that want to have a great time and also get an amazingly unique workout.  It’s perfect for kids who want to have an unforgettable birthday party, or for adults who still like to have fun (that includes you!).


With trampolines below your feet and on the walls you can jump anywhere! If you’ve never been able to dunk a basketball before like MJ then don’t be sad, because at Sky Zone you can jump and dunk even further than the free throw line. Ever wonder what it would be like if you could jump onto a cloud and not fall through? With the foam pit at Sky Zone you can do just that.


Sky Zone Elmhurst, Trampoline Chicago


Sky Zone Elmhurst, Chicago Trampoline


Whether it’s jumping up and down, or side to side, to the hoop, or in the foam pit, anyone can have a spectacular, unforgettable time.  And if you are looking for a spectacular, unforgettable time for FREE then you are in luck!


Right now we are giving away 4 free 1-hour jumping passes to Sky Zone! Enter below for a chance to win and start picking your three friends or family members to bring. Winner must provide a valid mailing address to receive the prize tickets. Contest ends at midnight Central Time on Wednesday, August 13, 2014.


For more information on hours of operation and locations for Sky Zone, then check out their website.


This post was sponsored by Sky Zone. All content and opinions are from The Chicago Lifestyle.


Cruise the River with Chicago Canoe and Kayak

Cruise the River with Chicago Canoe and Kayak


Searching for a pleasant and peaceful place to relax? Yearning for an escape from the busy city life?  If your answer was “yes” to both of those questions, then the perfect place to be is the Chicago River. 


At 3400 N. Rockwell you can launch right into the river with a canoe and paddle in hand with Chicago River Canoe and Kayak! If you’re looking to ride the river by yourself it’ll just cost you $15 for an hour-long ride. Have a friend to go with? Then that’ll be just $20 for an hour. If you’re looking to go on a Wednesday through Friday the hours are from 1 – 6 p.m.  If that doesn’t work for you then come out on a Saturday or Sunday from 9 – 5 p.m. to hit the river.


There are also other river launches besides the one on Rockwell Street. You can also go to the lagoons in Winnetka and the Downtown (Chinatown) launch to see the skyscrapers from the river.


To hear more about this experience from a veteran river guide named Jon Ferrari from Lincoln Park and also see the canoe ride in action then watch the video above!


Visit Chicago River Canoe and Kayak’s website for more information.


Taste of Chicago: Behind the Scenes with the Operations Manager

Taste of Chicago: Behind the Scenes with the Operations Manager


The annual Taste of Chicago launched this week – once again showcasing various delectable tasty treats, cool brews to wash it down, and crowds of hungry people. But through the masses I had the chance to sit down with one in-the-know individual and interview him.


Taste of Chicago


Johnny Meeks (22 years old, from Barrington, Illinois), the Assistant Manager to Taste of Chicago Day Operations, had this to say:


Q: What’s your favorite part about Taste of Chicago?


A: That is truly such a tough question. There is so much going on that makes the entire experience what it is. I would have to say I personally love the ability to snag quick little portions of amazing food and some of the best grub Chicago has to offer. I can grab a small deep dish slice, some Bourbon Street chicken jalapeño nachos, the always famous smoked alligator sausage, all while sipping an ice cold 312 and enjoying some amazing local talent on stage throughout the whole day.

Taste really brings together a true Chicago experience that may take someone months to complete, only in matter of beautiful 5 summer days. I also get a kick from the all the food tents yelling and howling all day long. It truly wouldn’t be the same without them.



Q: What’s the best way to live the Chicago Lifestyle?


A: Oh man, that’s an even tougher question! Well first of all, this may sound weird, but save seeing the bean and all that classic mumbo for another day. Come hungry and ask around for the best local grub in that area. Chicago is home to such great restaurants that each provides their own unique experiences.

If you have the time, do everything you can to go see a daytime Cubs game and park yourself right in middle of the left field bleachers. They may not serve Old Style anymore, but man, are those bleachers such a fun time. Grab some friends, go root on the city’s die-hard loved Cubbies and just wait till the 7th inning when the bleacher all stars start heckling the other team and make everyone laugh till it hurts. Chicago provides a little of everything for absolutely everyone. Also, what ever you do, never ever, under any circumstances, ask for ketchup.


Taste of Chicago


Q: What’s do you suggest to people for next year that come to Taste of Chicago?


A: I would personally suggest just sticking to the “taste” options from all the vendors. Don’t get me wrong, going for the full meal choices are all amazing and phenomenal, but I would recommend using your tickets for as much as you can possibly get. Spend them across as many vendors as you can to really live Taste the way it’s meant to be.

Oh, and without a doubt, apply double the sunscreen and only use SPF as high as you can. (Chuckles) You’re going to get a tan no matter what, I promise you.


Thanks Johnny!



Learn more about the Taste of Chicago here – and catch it before it closes on Sunday!


Taste of Chicago



Ready to Mingle? Reporting on the Scene at Old St. Pat’s Block Party

Ready to Mingle? Reporting on the Scene at Old St. Pat’s Block Party


A few weeks ago the 30th annual Old St. Pats Block Party went underway.  For just a price of $40 for a one day pass or $75 for a two day pass you gained entry along with 4 free beers to enjoy and watch bands such as: Guster, G. Love & Special Sauce, The Mowgli’s, Third Eye Blind and more.


Since this block party was a 21 year old and up event, and since I have a face of a 17 year old, I was immediately asked for my I.D. by the happy and smiling faces of the volunteers of the Old St. Pats community.  I really cannot express enough though of how enormously friendly and welcoming all the volunteers were at the block party throughout my time there.


Moving on, through this cheerful atmosphere, my first stop was to go grab a nice cold beer.  Savoring that golden refreshment while making my way to the main stage to see G. Love & Special Sauce play there were many different tents and stands offering various things like: glorious food, fun games and even raffle chances to win things like a trip to Ireland or a free year of rent in Chicago. I entered that raffle, and needless to say I didn’t win.


That was alright though! G. Love & Special Sauce definitely made up for it as I made my way to the stage (they are pictured above).  Their unique “sloppy” and “laid back” tunes that incorporated classic R&B was a mighty refreshment to hear in a live setting.  Personally, I would have to say that they were my favorite band to play there just based on their uniqueness, which I just love.


As the night moved on and the sky grew dark more people started to join the crowd on the car-less streets while the stoplights were frozen red.  My overall experience at the block party was enthralling.  I also have to mention that here were beautiful people everywhere. Which brings me to my next point – that I think this block party is great for the bachelors and bachelorettes in the great city of Chicago. So if you are still single and ready to mingle in July of 2015, then come on out to the 31st annual Old St. Pats Block Party!