Ready to Mingle? Reporting on the Scene at Old St. Pat’s Block Party

Ready to Mingle? Reporting on the Scene at Old St. Pat’s Block Party


A few weeks ago the 30th annual Old St. Pats Block Party went underway.  For just a price of $40 for a one day pass or $75 for a two day pass you gained entry along with 4 free beers to enjoy and watch bands such as: Guster, G. Love & Special Sauce, The Mowgli’s, Third Eye Blind and more.


Since this block party was a 21 year old and up event, and since I have a face of a 17 year old, I was immediately asked for my I.D. by the happy and smiling faces of the volunteers of the Old St. Pats community.  I really cannot express enough though of how enormously friendly and welcoming all the volunteers were at the block party throughout my time there.


Moving on, through this cheerful atmosphere, my first stop was to go grab a nice cold beer.  Savoring that golden refreshment while making my way to the main stage to see G. Love & Special Sauce play there were many different tents and stands offering various things like: glorious food, fun games and even raffle chances to win things like a trip to Ireland or a free year of rent in Chicago. I entered that raffle, and needless to say I didn’t win.


That was alright though! G. Love & Special Sauce definitely made up for it as I made my way to the stage (they are pictured above).  Their unique “sloppy” and “laid back” tunes that incorporated classic R&B was a mighty refreshment to hear in a live setting.  Personally, I would have to say that they were my favorite band to play there just based on their uniqueness, which I just love.


As the night moved on and the sky grew dark more people started to join the crowd on the car-less streets while the stoplights were frozen red.  My overall experience at the block party was enthralling.  I also have to mention that here were beautiful people everywhere. Which brings me to my next point – that I think this block party is great for the bachelors and bachelorettes in the great city of Chicago. So if you are still single and ready to mingle in July of 2015, then come on out to the 31st annual Old St. Pats Block Party!